The intent of this blog is to showcase my love of cigars, the culture around cigar smoking, as well as reviews of my favorite cigars, where I buy my cigars, where I smoke them, and how I smoke them. I’ll even include my beverages and possibly nibbles that I have with a cigar, because I really enjoy the whole vibe of enjoying the moment with an aromatic stick. While I am new to this hobby, I hope that my experiences help others learn to enjoy this relaxing pastime and is informative to both new Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf, as well as enjoyable for those who already know how to puff.  My aim is to share my thoughts and opinions on the cigar world, have an open dialogue with readers in regards of what has worked for them or what they may suggested, and travel and have a cigar with as many people who would be interested in having a Stick With Stef as I possibly can.

Stef is a mild mannered IT professional by day and latex clad superhero by night– wait, wrong bio.  I am a resident of Tampa, Florida, home to Ybor City. I am also a lover of many nerdy interests (which will likely become more prevalent as this blog expands), and a self described ethical hedonist (putting that philosophy degree to good use). I also like parenthesis.  Generally, my preferred cigar is medium body with peppery elements and I tend to favor Nicaraguan wrappers, but I also have a soft spot for a nice infused stick.