CI Knock-Offs – Coffee

A dear friend orders frequently in bulk from Cigars International for his house cigar. When it came time to do a re-order this go around, his usual stick wasn’t in stock, so he opted to order the Cigar International Knock-Offs – Coffee bundle and see how it goes.  This Brother of the Leaf unboxed this in front of me and the smell was amazing.  This is an intensely aromatic coffee cigar!  It is delivered as a brick of cigars, each one individually wrapped, and no fancy ring or anything, just a bunch of cigars of a nice length, nice color, and amazing scent.

CI Knock-Offs - Coffee

After a day of puttering and chores, a bonfire with a cigar sounds like an amazing idea.  Bonfire had been built and my friend offered one of these Coffee cigars for the evening.  I must say, I am really impressed. I do love the Drew Estate Java, and this is certainly something to compare to that cigar.   The size is nice, the aroma is intoxicating (I really love coffee!), and it was a lovely smoke around a fire.   Unlit, the aroma is coffee with a bit of leather and vanilla.   Upon lighting, the coffee is still definitely the star on this cigar, but the leather and vanilla really help round it out to be a stick that isn’t entirely sugary– this is a very good balance for a cigar that smells much sweeter than it smokes.

Knock-off Coffee Feet

The draw is a bit easier than I would expect from a DE Java, but it made for a  tidy foot on this cigar.  The flavors really didn’t change much, but I wouldn’t expect that from a cigar of this nature.  As I really enjoyed the intense coffee-ness with the nuances of leather and vanilla from this cigar, I didn’t mind that the notes didn’t really change much from any point while smoking it.  If you like coffee, this cigar is a definite value and I would recommend it. For a lighter body cigar, I was definitely impressed.