Aging Room M356ii

I am fortunate to have a Brother-in-Law that has a taste in cigars similar to my own.  For his own birthday, he was generous enough to send me a sampler of 90 + Rated Cigars from Thompson Cigars.  While this was only recently, we’ve already compared notes on a few sticks together, and I’m looking forward to seeing how we both think about the varied cigars in that sampler.

90 Rated Sampler

It’s fun to have something so diverse in common.  The stick that piqued my interest the most when I opened this pack was the Aging Room M356ii.  I’d seen a few articles about this label before.  This is a cigar that is made by people with a passion for their art, using unique tobaccos, that allude to various flavors and are extremely limited. The simplicity of the label belies the complexity that the cigar has. Unlit, this medium to dark blend smells of leather, coffee, and a smidge of vanilla.

Aging Room M356ii

I don’t usually pay attention to how a cigar is rolled, I just usually enjoy that it is! But this seemed actually have some intention in the rolling that it made an interesting design at the bottom of the cigar.

Rolled Details M356ii

Once lit, the Aging Room cigar really stretched on the leather and coffee aromas. There were also nuances of cinnamon, and nutmeg. Toward the middle of this cigar, I felt it got kind of oily — but it was a good oily, like the dark beans of a really good French Roast coffee. The draw on this stick is enjoyably easy and I was able to make a quite a lengthy foot, longer than the picture I took here.

M356ii Foot

The oilyness was only in the middle of the cigar, the predominant taste would be leather and coffee. At the end of the cigar a pepperiness stepped in to assist the other spice nuances.  All in all, this is a very complex and delicious cigar. I definitely want to find this stick again. I did smoke this with a glass of a dark and dry red blend, but I think it would go well with any liquor of your choosing, as well as coffee or a good root beer.

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