New World by AJ Fernandez

After having such a great smoke of the H. Upmann, I was curious to see if the other cigars by AJ Fernandez were just as good. One of the cigars that they seem to lead with is the New World, which is a medium body cigar with Nicaraguan wrappers and fillers that I generally prefer. Back at King Corona Cigars, and this cigar has my full attention. Or, at least as much as my attention that my usual glass of Merlot and my companion at King Coronas would allow to be spared. And it was a great day to sit outside and people watch in downtown Ybor.

Before lighting, the cigar has an aroma that is best described as a creamy coffee leather. I am starting to believe that the flavor profile of the AJ Fernandez line will always have a creamy aspect to it. But this cigar is a little on the sneaky side, after it was lit the aroma changed profile to a peppery creamy coffee leather. As peppery cigars are my jam, I was very pleased with this. I also found the cigar ring to be a rather classy affair, evoking images of Old World/New World history.

As I smoked the cigar the leather flavors actually became less pronounced, the rest of the stick staying with a coffee peppery creaminess that was really very enjoyable as I finished the cigar. I know it sounds like a weird combo — creamy pepperiness — but that’s exactly what this stick managed to pull off. The draw was smooth, making for a fairly decent foot. This is definitely a cigar I can highly recommend and will probably smoke again soon.

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